Martin Lopez is an accomplished violinist and instructor located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  With over twelve years teaching experience, Mr. Lopez developed his own teaching style that introduces the violin to the young child from the first lesson. 

A rigorous teaching method and an emphasis on the joy of playing are combined with Mr. Lopez’ own energy to produce a great experience for his students.

Besides teaching, Martin Lopez also composes and performs his own music. For more information, please visit Martin Lopez's Official Web Page.


teaching philosophy 

“My teaching philosophy is to provide inspiration and motivation to learn about music in a friendly and positive classroom. I would like my students to see me as their teacher and also their friend. During the process of learning the violin, I help my students to reach their best potential in any aspects. It is important for me to develop not only their brain, but also their personality as individuals. I do not want my students to  just play the violin in tune with a good position, I want them to perform the instrument with confidence and to have expression and character in their playing. My standards are high and I believe that is a key for my students’ successful performance not only in the musical world, but in their personal and social world.”                                                                             

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.
— Martin Lopez