by students & parents

"Being a part of the The Martin Lopez Academy has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. When I first started playing the violin, it was just another hobby for me, but ever since I joined the academy, I truly developed a passion for performing and the instrument itself. Mr. Lopez is not only an amazing teacher, but also a role model and a friend. He continuously encourages me to strive for perfection, practice with discipline, and become more confident in all aspects of life. Everyone in the academy is so supportive, and I look forward to every class and repertoire to spend time with Mr. Lopez and some of my closest friends."  

N. Tennety, 17

"We have been involved with The Martin Lopez Academy for 10 years now.  It all started when my now 13 year old insisted that she was going to play the violin at the mere age of 3 and wouldn't let up until I took her into a local music store advertising violin lessons.  I finally gave in and guided her into the store where we met Mr. Lopez and came walking out with the tiniest of violins in our hands.  The amazing opportunities violin and The Martin Lopez Academy have brought my daughter have helped make her into who she is today.....a confident, determined, persistent and disciplined young lady."

S. Andresen

"We are long-time Crystal Lake residents with two daughters, ages 17 and 11, who are part of the Martin Lopez Academy. An incredibly talented violinist, Mr. Lopez provides a unique music learning opportunity in McHenry County of quality instruction with a capacity for teaching superior technique. Even though Mr. Lopez has high expectations and produces amazing performers, he maintains a fun learning environment with an abundance of positive energy. His creative teaching keeps students as young as three years old engaged during lessons and motivates advancing students to continue progressing through his program. Our girls are not only learning how to play the violin, but also developing a deep love for music, have become part of a great community of young musicians, are strengthening their level of confidence, and are learning lessons about success through perseverance, hard work, and discipline that will apply to many situations throughout their lifetimes. Asking either one of our daughters about their violin lessons results in happily animated stories of the many positive experiences and fun times they have had while being a part of the Martin Lopez Academy."

S. eckland

"Being his student, I can say that Mr. Lopez taught me many skills, and not just in violin performance. As a teacher, he works tirelessly to make sure that his students, including me, are able to become better violinists. The many performances that he has organized have greatly improved my confidence in playing the violin. As a person, Mr. Lopez has also taught me many important lessons that continue to affect me today. He promotes good leadership and discipline among his students. Mr. Lopez constantly stresses the need to positive in all aspects of life, a lesson that still holds true to me today."  

o. leung, 16 

 "I have been a part of The Martin Lopez Academy for about 10 years now and I believe I have learned more about myself and life from Mr. Lopez than I have ever learned from any school teacher. By playing this instrument and being a part of this academy I have learned discipline, confidence, and a great deal of multi-tasking. I would not be the person I am today without discovering this academy when I was 3 years old. I am very excited for what the future holds and the opportunities that will come."

j. ANDRESEN, 13 

We would most highly recommend Martin Lopez. Martin was able to take our 3 year old son and develop him within a year to have the ability to play songs and perform with his violin.  He has certainly given him the confidence in himself and the love of this beautiful instrument. Our son is now 6 and is moving on to the second Suzuki Book and reads music without issue.  Though his Violin playing at age 5 was picked up from other teachers, unfortunately since because of an out of state move, without the base experience and love for playing our son received from Martin, there would be no Violin. Martin helped start our son so young so playing the violin was as every day as brushing his teeth or going to school. Martin’s patience, love of teaching his passion to children, joyfully, is wonderful to experience.  Without any preconceived inhibitions, our son has come to love playing. We cannot say enough for Martins abilities to connect with young children who want to play.  Also for parents that want their children to be enriched with the violin talents they possess within.

J. & C. thielsen

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